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Open Source Charging Solutions

Designed for Flexibility

OpenEVSE was designed to work anywhere across the globe. It's open design can be adapted to your requirement.

Great Compatibility

OpenEVSE was devoloped to comply with the full SAE J1772 standard and compatible with all J1772 Vehicles.


OpenEV Universal Electric Vehicle Charging Station Controller

Built with safety & compatibility in mind.

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What is OpenEVSE?

Charging Station Solutions

OpenEV supplies open source charging station hardware and software solutions to manufactures and individuals. OpenEV SAE J1772 compatible charging station controllers are available in quantities of 1 to 10,000+ for requirements big or small. OpenEV controllers allows manufactures to bring their products to market sooner at a lower cost than designing from scratch.

Energy Management

Create custom dashboards to provide the information you need. Dashboards can be private or shared with others.

Real-Time Inputs
Data Feeds
Custom Dashboards
Real-Time Display

Energy Monitoring

OpenEVSE provides energy monitoring archetecture for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as well as energy monitoring devices. The Open Source archetecture provides expandibility to import data from any source.

Knowledge Base

Powerful Search tool to find solutions to common problems.


OpenEV discussion boards allow communication, colaberation and sharing with the community.

Source Code

Source Code for OpenEV hardware and firmware is avaliable on Github.

Build Guides

Build guides provide video, visual and step-by-step instruction to build OpenEV kits.

Social Media

OpenEV is active on many Social Media outlets, visit the links on the bottom of this page.

E-mail Support

Contact us via E-mail anytime, for info, volume quotes or questions.

Build Guides

Build guides provide video, visual and step-by-step instruction to build OpenEV kits. Guides can be viewed on any device or exported as a PDF.

Build Guides